15 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know


Good manners or etiquette, usually followed by elitists, is just a term used to describe polite and appropriate behavior. Following the etiquette principles includes common courtesy, culture of proper speech, restraining emotions, neat and clean appearance.

Below is a list of etiquette codes that must be followed by any individuals who respect themselves and the others:

  1. You should always make a call before going at someone’s house. It is considered very rude if you show up at their door without even making the call.
  2. Offending or raising your voice at someone who has offended you is against the code of etiquette. Show the person that you are better than him by just smiling and leaving the scene.
  3. It is really needed from you to smell nice, but if you can still feel your perfume after 2-3 hours, you can be sure that people around you will get sick of it. So remember to be moderate.
  4. Ignore anyone who is trying to get your attention in primitive way.
  5. Splashing pedestrians is always a bad thing to do, and all car drivers should be aware of that.
  6. When walking with female companion, you should always walk on their left hand side. There is only an exception for military men since they salute with the right hand.
  7. You must never talk or laugh loudly.
  8. Men can smoke in front of women only if they allow it.
  9. Your footwear should always be clean.
  10. If you invite someone for dinner and you say “I’ll take you out on a dinner”, it is expected from you to pay the bill.
  11. In case when the companion you are walking with say “Hello” to someone you don’t know, you should say “Hello” too.
  12. Even though most of the people think that sushi can be eaten only with chop sticks, it is also pretty normal to eat it with hands.
  13. As a polite man you must always show respect to any woman.
  14. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your position is or what your age is, when you enter a room you must greet everyone in the room.
  15. Privacy should be respected all the time. This should be true for parents when it comes to their children and also for couples.

These are just some of the codes of Etiquette that everyone should respect. They are made to make the world a better place. Even though having good manners is not a difficult task, it takes patience to master this basic rules.

Source: Healthy Life Land