The Power of Positive Thinking


The Power of Positive Thinking

Most of us know that it is the power of the mind that drives us to do certain things. In fact, it would be more accurate to suggest that our thoughts lead to actions, and actions decide our character.As many theologians have asserted, we are what we think.

We come across many people every single day of our lives, but we often fail to see people who appear unique or different from the rest, as on the contrary, we find people who just go along with the crowd, following the old adage ‘When in Rome, do as Romans do’. Needless to say, ordinary doesn’t score well with most people, and anyone falling under this category fail to be noticed.

But there are a small percentage of people who actually stand out above the rest, and later on make a huge impression on the people they meet or interact with. They are the doers, the thinkers, and what is it that makes them so different from the masses? What makes them as we have heard from a famous Pixar Animation, ‘Despicable Me’, as quoted by the protagonist ‘Gru’, ‘One of the Greats’? Needless to say, as the title of the article suggests, a successful person, or an impressive person, someone who creates an impact on people and later on society, is a person with a positive attitude towards life in general, as well as acceptance of humanity in general.

Most of the successful leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors and other professionals, did not have an easy life as we often mistakenly tend to believe. When Gordon Moore, Founder and Developer of the microprocessor company Intel, started off as a systems developer under another Company, He was labeled as an ‘average performer’, ‘not capable of achieving great or enviable success’. It would be unthinkable to even fathom even an inkling of such an idea about the Father of the Intel Corporation, indisputably the giant of all Microprocessors and Integrated Circuits.

But how could a person who faced insults and derision from coworkers as well as his boss become an Epic success? The answer is simple but true: A positive mind, willingness to learn from failures, taking criticism in the right way and finally implementing your dreams into viable actions.

Gordon Moore is just one example of a person who turned negative thinking into a positive, constructive approach to success. There are myriads of other examples such as Mahatma Gandhi, a failed lawyer, who played a vital role in the Independence of India. Another example, believe it or not was the erstwhile owner and founder of the famous company, Apple- Steve Jobs, who expired unfortunately a few years ago. Steve was technically incompetent to even design software, as is mentioned in the book ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson, a semi-biography of his life. But even though he did not develop the Apple IOS, He did very efficiently run a team of experts who did. These examples are just a few of the many who faced hardship emotionally, physically and monetary, but overcame them with a positive mind and a willingness to work hard, to become Immense successes.

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