Home General & Healthy Is it safe to drink hot water from geyser?

Is it safe to drink hot water from geyser?


Is it safe to drink hot water from geyser?

We all know it is much quicker and more convenient in your busy schedule to throw some water in a pot and boil it for your instant coffee, instant cereal, top-ramen, spaghetti, etc. But there are reasons you should never use water from the hot side of the kitchen faucet, even though it saves you about 5-7 minutes.

Here comes the science:

The insides of a hot water heater contain metals that can, and do corrode. Some of the pipes in your home that are not made of PVC may have lead soldering. Hot water will dissolve metals, especially lead, much quicker than cold water will. Not to mention that over the years of daily use of drawing gallons throughout the day in cycles causes the water from the local utility, with all of it’s impurities to collect and precipitate in the bottom of the hot water heater. This is a prime breeding ground for bacteria. Perhaps they cannot survive in an environment where the water is around 140°, but as soon as the water cools down enough due to a power outage or extended leave (if you turn off your water heater), all the necessary nutrients are there in an 80 gallon soup.

If you plan to cook with tap water, run the cold water for a minute or so and use that cold water for your cooking. You may want to save the ‘non-potable’ water that you flushed from the pipes as you can use it for cleaning and such. And by all means, <span>NEVER draw warm water for infant formula</span>. Since infants are developing at a rapid rate, they are much more vulnerable to the concentrations of impurities and lead and could potentially get lead poisoning from warm tap water.

4 tips to use your hot water geyser correctly and reduce the sky high electricity bill

Heating water in a geyser can be an expensive task if not done correctly. A water geyser requires a lot of energy to heat water. This high consumption of electricity shoots up the electricity bill during winters. Therefore in order to lower the monthly electricity bills, it is very important to use water geysers in a right way.

Correct the thermostat settings of your geyser

Correct thermostat setting

Most geysers or water heaters are equipped with a device called thermostat. Thermostat  keeps the temperature of water in the geyser at a desired level by cutting off power supply once the desired temperature of water is achieved. The thermostat keeps checking the temperature of water and switch-on  the power supply once the temperature of water drops. The thermostat makes sure that the water is heated till the set temperature.

There are two types of geysers availabe in the market:

  • One with thermostat settings outside and changeable
  • Other where thermostat is not visible from outside and cannot be changed

Water geysers have a temperature range of 40-75 degree. Most geysers availabe in market have a default thermostat setting of 60 degree or high. This means that water in your geyser will be heated till it reaches a temperature of 60 degrees or high. Water heated up to this temperature becomes extremely hot and needs to be mixed with lot of cold water before use.

The amount of electricity used in heating water depends upon the temperature of water coming in the geyser and the temperature setting of thermostat. More is the difference between these two temperature, more is the amount of electricity required to heat water. According to many energy saving groups, water that is heated up to 40-45 degrees is good to use. So if you have a geyser with outside thermostat setting, change it from 60 degrees to 40-45 degrees. For the right amount heating as well as electricity saving the thermostat knob must be kept around the middle position.

Do not keep water geyser ON for longer duration

Using geyser effectively

Many people have a tendency of  leaving the geyser “ON” all the time. This tendency leads to lot of electricity wastage. Once the water is heated the power supply automatically cuts off. After some time hot water begins to loose the heat through the body of geyser. This way the temperature of water comes down after sometime. Once the temperature of the water is down by certain degrees, the thermostat switches on the power supply and water heating process starts all over again. This on-off process repeats all through the day and consumes electricity. So if you do not switch off your water heater, it will keep working all day and will consume electricity.

Choose right sized geyser

Right sized geyser for your home

Select the right sized geyser as per your requirement. An over-sized geyser means heating extra water that is not required. Choose the size of geyser as per the size of your family and consumption habit geyser so that electricity is not wasted.

Choose star rated geyser

Energy saving geyser

5 Star rated geysers consume less electricity for heating water as well as have much less heat loss. Install energy efficient star rated  geysers and reduce your monthly electricity bills.