Which one is safe for diabetics – Artificial or natural sweeteners?

by : Sofia Lemon

This is a question that is asked by majority of the people across the globe, especially those who are known to suffer from diabetes. It is termed to be an ailment that does not allow the person to consume sugar and related products. Hence, they are compelled to look for safe alternatives to enable them to satisfy their cravings for their sweet tooth.

Fortunately, diabetics can come across varieties of sweeteners available in the market that are termed as wonderful alternatives of sugar, which can be natural like fruit juice and Stevia or manmade like Splenda and Aspartame. The different types of sweeteners are said to be used in various ways. Aspartame for example is used frequently in diet beverages and Splenda, on the other hand, is used for the preparation of food. According to the health experts, it is always a wise decision to make use of natural sweeteners when compared to those artificial based ones, when preparing recipes, snacks and beverages. Besides keeping the person’s energy level up throughout the day, it is also extremely safe to be consumed at any point of time. It does not require the diabetics to check this blood sugar level after consuming it.

Beneficial aspects of natural sweeteners
Natural sweeteners offered by stevia manufacturers, one of the most reputed companies in the market is considered to be healthier and safe for the body. Fruit juices and stevia do provide the body with useful minerals and nutrients and also assist with blood sugar level regulations. Not leading to any kind of complications related to weight gain or causing weight gain, stevia is said to be calorie free. Moreover, consuming it does not help promote increase in blood sugar level. Hence, when preparing different types of dishes and recipes, it will be wise to use natural sweeteners to maintain appropriate blood sugar level.
On the other hand, fruit juice of any type is said to have calories in good amount and tends to increase the level of blood sugar in the body when consumed. Hence, diabetics are recommended by the physicians to avoid consuming fruit juice in large amounts. They are allowed to take only sugar free candies and sugar free sweets to maintain correct level of glucose in their blood.

Artificial sweeteners
There are several brands in the market that promote controlling of weight. On its consumption, the body is said not to convert them into energy for providing the much needed calories. It effectively means, no energy units are present that will be stored as fat by the body.

But they tend to mimic sugar effects on the body. Therefore, by consuming artificial sweetener, the person will not have that feeling of having taken sugar due to changing sucrose portion. Insulin will not be released by pancreas for dealing with such ‘ghost’ sugar. Hence, level of blood sugar is likely to be unaffected. But the side effect from artificial sweeteners is that they are not heat stable and is associated with Aspartame. Getting broken into the body, the by-product ‘phenylalanine’ is found to be dangerous for those suffering from certain disease.
Therefore, natural sweeteners like Stevia are found to be safe and popular among diabetics.

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